Sarah Palin Responds to Roger Ailes Comments

By Alex Weprin 

Fox News CEO Roger Ailes raised some eyebrows earlier this week with a comment he made regarding Fox News contributor Sarah Palin. Ailes said “Sarah Palin had no chance to be President,” and that he hired contributors that would bring in viewers, not because they were necessarily strong politicians.

Well, interviewed Palin, and asked her to respond to Ailes’ remarks.

Interesting. I haven’t heard all of his remarks, but I wonder if he is aware that the same thing was said about me when I ran for city council, mayor, and eventually governor. No doubt many people who are told they can’t do something will work that much harder, and they succeed. Maybe you guys should send him a copy of Steve Bannon’s “The Undefeated.” The theme of Steve’s film isn’t about me, but about the idea of not letting others dictate one’s path in life and never giving up when you’re fighting for something precious like our exceptional nation and our children’s futures. So, would you send a copy of “The Undefeated” to him?

Palin co-hosts a Fox News special this evening called “Paying At the Pump” with Eric Bolling.

Update: Ailes responded today with a clarification to his earlier comments:

“When I hired most of the Republican contributors, none of them had any immediate prospects of becoming President —I wasn’t referring to any of their long-term prospects, including Governor Palin. I hired all of them because they made for good television at the time. Sarah Palin is young and nobody can predict the future.”