Sarah Palin on CNN’s Carol Costello: Mockery May Lead Her to Run for Office Again

By Mark Joyella 

Fox Business anchor Stuart Varney had Sarah Palin as a guest yesterday, and he asked Palin about CNN’s Carol Costello, who apologized for joking about a recent recording of a brawl involving members of the Palin family. “They do want to destroy personally those they disagree with they are very, very intolerant of those who maybe hold opposing view to their liberal failed agenda view. So, they want to crush us,” Palin said.

But is the former Alaska governor hurt by people who mock her and her family? Not at all. She’s inspired:

“No, bless their hearts those haters out there they don’t understand that it invigorates me it wants me to get out there and defend the innocent. It makes me want to work so hard for justice in this country. So, hey the more they’re pouring on the more I’m going to bug the crap out of them by being out there with a voice, with the message, hopefully running for office in the future too.”