Sarah Palin Accepts Martin Bashir’s Apology, Hits MSNBC ‘Hypocrisy’

By Jordan Chariton 

Sarah Palin accepted MSNBC’s Martin Bashir’s apology during an appearance on “Fox News Sunday,” suggesting everyone must be humble enough to accept an apology, but she did have pointed words for the “media elite bubble.”

“Who am I to not accept an apology?” Palin said. “Everyone must humble themselves and accept that offer of apology,” she continued, warning that next time a media personality wants to say something vile about her and then call her to apologize privately, she’d like them to go through her husband or children first and “then they can come to me.”

Chris Wallace asked Palin for her thoughts on MSNBC suspending Alec Baldwin, but not Bashir: “That’s the executive hypocrisy that is so prevalent in that media elite bubble,” Palin said. “It depends on the target of the vile rants, it doesn’t depend on what the rant itself actually is.”

Over on CNN’s “Reliable Sources,” The Blaze’s Amy Holmes criticized MSNBC for inconsistent suspension patterns, while the Washington Post’s Erik Wemple gave Bashir the benefit of the doubt, suggesting a “good media apology needs to be celebrated at some level.”

The Baltimore Suns’ David Zurawik  bemoaned the MSNBC culture on Howard Kurtz’s “MediaBuzz,” asking where the editorial backstop on comments like this was. Mediaite’s Joe Concha pointed out that MSNBC’s twitter feed promoted the segment where Bashir made the Palin comment after the fact.

Watch Palin on “FNS,” the “Reliable Sources” panel, and “MediaBuzz” after the jump.