Saddam: CNN & Fox News Show The Tightening Of The Noose

By Brian 

Arlen from The Daily Background provides this summary of the execution tape broadcast:

“CNN International was the first.

CNN’s international channel broadcast footage of Saddam’s hanging which it ripped from an Iraqi State television station. CNNI showed a one minute and two second long clip, beginning with the former dictator being led forward by masked guards, up until he had the noose around his neck.

They cut away with a fade back towards the CNN hosts discussing the event (they had been talking over the footage which had no sound, presumably because the Iraqi broadcasters had been narrating it), just as the bright orange noose was tightened around Hussein’s neck.

Fox followed up shortly after CNN, and showed a little more of the videotape, including the noose being tightened twice by one of the guards. The guards then stepped away in the Fox tape, and the tape ended (cutting to the beginning of the segment, which was apparently on a loop). Fox News host Gregg Jarrett indicated that the videotape broadcasted on Iraqi state television stopped right before the trap door opened.

It’s clear that the two networks cut off the tape before the actual hanging happened (they had to — the original video broadcast on Iraqi state TV didn’t show the actual hanging). But the question is, would they have shown more if the Iraqis chose to show more?”

> FNC replayed it continuously, Eat the Press says…