Saddam: Cable Notes

By Brian 

> 9:04pm: MSNBC started airing “Special Report: Saddam Hussein” at 9pm, with Milissa Rehberger anchoring. Jim Maceda reported from Baghdad.

> 9:01pm: Larry King has been in repeats this week, but he’s live tonight, with a member of Saddam’s defense team on the phone.

> 8:41pm: CNN Baghdad bureau chief Cal Perry is reporting on Iraqi reaction to the imminent execution.

> 8:31pm: “I believe it’s absolutely essential that the Iraqis will need to see some kind of video” of the execution, FNC’s David Mac Dougall says.

> 8:30pm: Sean Hannity and Alan Colmes over on FNC.

> 8:29pm: FNC has a Baghdad clock in the corner of the screen.

> 8:05pm: MSNBC is sticking with tape, airing Chris Matthews‘ interview with John Edwards at 7pm and running Countdown’s recap of Oddball segments at 8pm. “Olbermann has snake charmers and elephants with balls,” an e-mailer says.

> 8:02pm: John Roberts is anchoring on CNN.

> 8pm: Bill O’Reilly is hosting a live edition of the Factor.