Rush Cites TVNewser Interview with Terry Moran; Moran Responds

By SteveK 

Rush Limbaugh kicked off his Friday show calling out ABC’s Terry Moran after Moran’s interview on the Morning Media Menu podcast.

There’s a blog out there called, TVNewser and so forth, and the TV people read it religiously. I mean not too many other members of the public do, but it’s big in the TV business. They have a show on there; it’s a web radio show. Terry Moran of ABC’s Nightline was the guest. This is what he said about President Obama.

“In some ways Barack Obama is the first president since George Washington to be taking a step down into the Oval Office. From visionary leader of a giant movement, now he’s got an executive position that he has to perform in, in a way, and I think the coverage reflects that.”

“Yes, you heard right, a step down for Lord Barack Obama, the Most Merciful,” said Limbaugh. “He was leading this giant movement, a la George Washington. Now he’s had to take a step down. What did I tell you people? He’s too big to fail.”

Moran sent us two Tweets responding to Limbaugh:

“Rush didn’t get the joke. Or the point. As usual,” he wrote in one. In the second: “I said like only Washington, Obama came to office as more than a politician, a visionary leader for many. Now he’s got a job.”

The full quote from Moran concluded that Obama, as president, is “getting more regular scrutiny, as is necessary.”

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