RTNDF 1st Amendment Awards: Shep Says “That’s How Roger Rolls”

By Brian 

FNC correspondent Steve Centanni introduced Roger Ailes at the RTNDF First Amendment Awards dinner tonight.

“The man being honored here tonight is a visionary, a storyteller, a real leader. He is a people person. He picks the right people then stands behind them all the way. He cares about them, nurtures them, and find the best way to showcase their unique talents. And if you’re one of those people picked by Roger, when the going gets rough for some reason, like it did for me, you know you’ve got a friend on your side.”

Centanni introduced this five-minute video featuring people “whose lives have been changed for the better by Roger.” It features Centanni, Neil Cavuto, Bill O’Reilly, Brit Hume, Shep Smith, and Catherine Herridge. Watch: