Rove’s Rounds

By Chris Ariens 

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The NYTimesAlessandra Stanley writes about Karl Rove‘s “television tour of three Sunday morning shows.”

On Fox News Sunday: FNC “is usually considered by Bush officials as a safe harbor. But [Chris] Wallace had the most prickly, and probing, interview with Mr. Rove, which is not surprising; Mr. Wallace has a way of needling his guests, Republicans and Democrats alike.”

On Face the Nation: “Bob Schieffer, who conducts interviews.. as if they were chats over predinner drinks at the Metropolitan Club, asked Mr. Rove why he was subjecting himself to Sunday morning second-guessing. ‘Somebody else made the decision for me,’ he said.”

On the infamous MC Rove clip, Stanley writes it was brought up by FNC’s Wallace, but “the incident, didn’t come up during Mr. Rove’s appearance on Meet the Press, perhaps because David Gregory, the NBC White House correspondent who filled in for Tim Russert, had also been dancing on stage that night.”