“Rove This, Rove That” In Briefing Room

By Brian 

FishBowlDC is the source for all your Rove/Bush/McClellan needs. Garrett Graff is blogging from the WH briefing room: “The word ‘Rove’ is coming from all corners of the press room. ‘Rove’ this and ‘Rove’ that.” Other tidbits:

> Wonkette live-blogged today’s briefing: “The live White House feed included an engineer calibrating the cameras by holding up a blank sheet of paper. In the movies they call this ‘foreshadowing.'”

> Dana Milbank: At the end of yesterday’s briefing, “CNN’s Bob Franken asked if he could have one more question. McClellan paused, but Franken, reconsidering, waved the spokesman off.” “It’s not worth it,” Franken said.

> NBC’s David Gregory said it was “ridiculous” for the White House to dodge all questions about the issue. ABC’s Terry Moran said McClellan is “in a bad spot here.”