Roughly 350 Publications Are Running Editorials Today In Support of Free Press

By A.J. Katz 

The relationship between the American news media and the current administration has been one of conflict. President Trump consistently expresses his displeasure with how the media has covered him since he took office in 2017. He even once tweeted that the media is “the opposition party,” and the “enemy of the people.”

Boston Globe deputy editorial page editor Majorie Pritchard  has led an effort to push back these attacks. Said efforts have led to roughly 350 publications coming running editorials today expressing their support for and the importance of a free press, and to affirm to the American people that journalists are not “the enemy of the people;” that their job is to inform all Americans.

The New York Times’ feature – “A Free Press Needs You” – rounded up newspaper editorials from across the country, places like Tucson, Martha’s Vineyard, Seattle and Tampa Bay.


“If you haven’t already, please subscribe to your local papers. Praise them when you think they’ve done a good job and criticize them when you think they could do better. We’re all in this together,” writes the Times.

Trump’s reaction to the Globe’s effort was to fight back against these editorials that are criticizing him for attacking them:


Later in the morning, he seemed to change his tune. Kind of: