Ronan Farrow Investigates the VA in New On-Going Series

By Brian Flood 

RF“Ronan Farrow Daily” will launch a special investigative series of special reports on the VA beginning tomorrow at 1 pm ET. Over the next few months “Inside the VA” will delve into various unresolved issues affecting veterans served by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

The series is a collaboration between “Ronan Farrow Daily” and the NBC News Investigative Unit.  The effort began after allegations surfaced earlier this year that some VA medical facilities had manipulated patient appointment data to conceal backlogs and delays in care, leading to multiple investigations and the departure of top VA officials.

The first report is a follow-up to an NBC News Investigative Unit report from 2009.  That report examined how the VA notified more than 10,000 veterans that there was a possibility they could have been infected with viruses during routine colonoscopies – because mistakes in cleaning and configuring equipment may have exposed them to previous patients’ bodily fluids. 

The report explores the cases of two veterans who tested positive for Hepatitis B, after having had colonoscopies at a VA medical center in Tennessee.  The VA denied their injury claims, and then fought to have their lawsuits dismissed. “Ronan Farrow Daily” plans to air subsequent reports on other VA issues in the coming months.