Roger Ailes Talks Fox News Mole, Media Bias and More at College Speech

By Alex Weprin 

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Fox News CEO Roger Ailes spoke to journalism students at the University of North Carolina, touching upon the Fox News “mole” and  media bias, among other subjects.

The Durham Herald-Sun has a good rundown of what Ailes said.

On the “Mole”:

“The mole shows a culture that believes in theft, a lack of loyalty, turning on his colleagues, lying to management, and there are some real, ethical, serious questions about it,”

On “bias” at Fox News and in the media:
“What you’re really telling me is that there’s a little cable channel over here that’s driving you nuts because it won’t line up with your worldview,” Ailes said. “… Remember, the last time all of us got lined up together, we were lined up by two guys – Hitler and Stalin. If there’s an alternative point of view, don’t wet your pants.”

He also referred to a CNN anchor as “that girl that’s named after a prison.” Who was it?

Ailes was talking about CNN’s Soledad O’Brien, referencing Soledad Correctional Facility in California. The Huffington Post gets a response from CNN, which notes that, obviously, O’Brien as not named after a prison, but the Virgin Mary (Maria de le Soledad).

Ailes also discussed climate change, the U.N. and Newt Gingrich. Read the full report here.