Roger Ailes Expects “Dip” in Audience With “Big Return” in January

By Chris Ariens 

B&C’s Marisa Guthrie spent some time at Fox News Channel on election night talking with FNC founder and chairman Roger Ailes, among others. Guthrie poses this question: “Will the news side of Fox News face an apathetic audience, compounded by being on the losing end of a national election?”

“There may be certain elements of our audience that turn away between now and the inauguration,” says Ailes. “I think cable numbers overall will drop, although there is a fascination with Obama. I expect a dip over the next couple of months and then a big return to our numbers in late January, early February.”

Guthrie gets great inside access, including FNC’s reaction to CNN’s holograms, and she reveals election anchor Brit Hume “made an executive decision to call it a night” one hour early at 1amET.

With that, the face of Fox News’ coverage on the biggest Election Night in a generation exits News Corp.’s Avenue of the Americas headquarters, turns right on West 47th Street and walks off into the balmy night, alone. It is the end of an era and the beginning of a new one-for America and Fox News.

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