Robin Meade’s Country Music Is Getting Solid Play on Spotify Right Now

By A.J. Katz 

Rockin Robin Meade is a jack of all trades. By day, she anchors Morning Express on HLN. In her spare time, she performs country music.

One of her newest tracks is a Christmas song, Ghost of my Christmas Past, a tune that’s getting good play on Spotify and radio stations across the U.S. that are playing seasonal music right now.

What’s the inspiration behind the new tune? Meade talks to Billboard:

 “I had this idea about a friend of mine who has been divorced a couple of times, and how at Christmas, he has to divide his time. Maybe your children might have a life with a step-father or step-mother. That was his case, and I thought about how difficult it must be – even when you go back home for Christmas services. You are sitting there, and then you turn around and you think ‘There’s so-and-so.’ It’s really the ghost of your Christmas past. It’s that person that you used to have a relationship with, and those things never really go away. When you go back home, you’re going to run into people that you might have had a past with. That’s where the idea of the song came from. The way I look at it is that it’s all about your own growth and your own evolution. I was just recognizing the reality of the holidays in that it’s tough for a lot of people.”


If you’re in the Atlanta area this Saturday, Meade is performing this song, and others in her repertoire with the band Sixwire (the house band from the CMT series Nashville) at the Atlanta club Eddie’s Attic. The venue will serve also serve as a Toys for Tots collection site before the show begins.