Robin Meade Has ‘Fallen in Love’ with St. Thomas

By Chris Ariens 

Jae-Ha Kim who writes the “Go Away With…” series for Tribune newspapers talks with HLN’s Robin Meade about her favorite vacation destinations.

The HLN “Morning Express” anchor has “fallen in love with St. Thomas,” in the U.S. Virgin Islands. For a quick getaway, Meade and her husband “take off for Lake Sinclair in Georgia.” And where would she like to go, that she has never been: “One would be Australia. The second would be Italy.”

As for her favorite U.S. cities:

Chicago. I love the food, spirit of the people and architecture. I used to live in Miami when I was a reporter and anchor in my early 20s and I love how it’s such a mash of cultures. And I’m not joking when I say, it seems like everyone is beautiful, tan and toned. What’s cool about Miami is that you can move from one area of the city to another and feel like you’ve gone from one culture to another: There’s fantastic people-watching to be done on any beach there, for sure! Another favorite of mine is New York City. You have access to so much there, whether its fashion, shows, music, stars. … It’s like everything comes to you in that city.