Roberts: “My Goal Is To Be An Equal Opportunity Holder Of Feet To The Fire”

By SteveK 

With the presidential election just 20 days away, Media Life Magazine’s Diego Vasquez profiles CNN’s John Roberts about politics and media.

Vasquez asks Roberts if he thinks the media has shown bias during the 2008 election in particular. “There are certain media outlets, without naming names, that may have, but all I can speak to is CNN,” said Roberts. “Our intense desire is to provide people with nonpartisan, non-biased information, and that’s what we try to do to the best of our ability.”

Although Roberts doesn’t name names about networks, he does name names while showing his objectivity.

“I used to be a member of the White House press corps, and I was very tough on Bill Clinton, and I covered Al Gore’s campaign, and I was very tough on him,” said Roberts. “President Bush later shook my hand, I think saying thanks for being so tough on the Al Gore campaign. But within the first 100 days, the Media Research Council named me the worst White House correspondent because I was so unswervingly tough on the new administration.

“My goal is to be an equal opportunity holder of feet to the fire, regardless of who it is.”