Roberts, Chetry, O’Briens Speak

By Brian 

Howard Kurtz quotes all four CNNers affected by yesterday’s announced change to American Morning:

John Roberts: “I don’t think it has to be hard news like you’re taking Robitussin. A morning show is about engaging the audience. I don’t think you should be doing lighter stuff. I’ve never figured out what any viewer gets out of a fitness segment or cooking pancakes on the plaza.”

Kiran Chetry: “There are lots of big and daunting issues, but there’s also the quirky side of life, and we’re not going to ignore that either. As long as there’s a healthy mix, hopefully people will tune in.”

Soledad O’Brien: “It will be great to be devoting all my energy to it. I’ve done morning shows for 10 years. It will be a little strange to be on the treadmill watching ‘American Morning,’ but I don’t think I’m going to be broken up about not doing it.”

Miles O’Brien: “I’ve always taken these jobs with a twinge of disappointment that I’d be tied to a 24-karat desk. I’m looking forward to freedom and not being stuck in an air-conditioned studio. While you expect things to last forever, this is TV. Especially in my income-tax bracket, it’s not a very secure business.”