Rita Speaks

By Brian 

Yesterday on The Catholic Channel on Sirius Satellite Radio, hosts Dave and Susan Konig conducted an exclusive interview with former MSNBC reporter Rita Cosby. Highlights:

> “My contract was actually up in about a year and a half from now. What happened was, since July, they cancelled my primetime show in July. It’s a great network. I love the place but I came there to do a primetime show. And in July it was sort of the beginning of a lot of their financial issues which has been well-publicized.”

> “I didn’t want to do what sort of everybody else is doing. I want to do roll-up-my-sleeves, get out there, go to these places, go get the guests. And all those things take a lot of money and a lot of effort and unfortunately right now as you can see they’re doing taped-programming, they’re doing a number of other things and because of that we’d been in discussions. I started discussions with them back in July and said, ‘Look, I’m ready to move on.'”