Rick Sanchez Comes Clean on GMA: ‘I Screwed Up’

By Alex Weprin 

Former CNN anchor Rick Sanchez, who was fired last week for comments about Jon Stewart and higher ups at the network, made his first public appearance this morning on ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

“I screwed up George,” was how Sanchez responded to the first question from anchor George Stephanopoulos:

Sanchez also related a story about his upbringing in south Florida, which he discussed more in-depth with us in this Media Beat interview.

Update: Following his appearance on “GMA” this morning, Sanchez spoke with Mediaite’s Steve Krakauer.

Sanchez was blunt and apologetic, telling Krakauer that he found about his future with CNN the same way we did: when CNN released its statement.

I knew what you knew, that there was a whole lot of coming down the pike. All my wife and I could do was wait and see what would eventually come of it. We learned the news pretty much the same time everybody else did, when they put out a statement. Look, they have done what they needed to do. They have basically been good to me. They didn’t screw up, I screwed up. The onus is on me. My loyalty to them is not gone because they gave me six good years. And if there’s an opportunity to get back together in the future, that would be great.