Rick Kaplan’s New Tune: Music News

By Chris Ariens 

Rick Kaplan, the former CBS, ABC, CNN and MSNBC executive, has a new beat these days. He’s creating a new music news show for the Fuse Network.

Kaplan left ABC News this summer when he launched Kaplan Media Partners. The veteran producer and news executive is working with networks and programs, both news and entertainment. His client list so far includes HBO where he is working as a creative consultant on Aaron Sorkin‘s “Newsroom.”

But Kaplan is particularly energized by the Fuse gig. He is launching a show called Fuse News. “It’s a daily news program about the music business — entertainers, acts, events and new trends,” says Kaplan calling it, “A serious attempt to cover the music business.” Kaplan a former president of CNN and later MSNBC, was most recently the executive producer of the “CBS Evening News” and — in his second stint with ABC — was EP of “This Week.”

Fuse is owned by MSG Inc. which was spun off from Cablevision in 2010 and is run by music lover and Cablevision scion James Dolan. Knowing that it has the backing of the top boss should tell you this news, is serious business.

Perhaps best of all, Kaplan is hiring — and fast. The network is planning to shoot pilots next month, with a launch in January or early February. “We’re looking for producers, associate producers,” says Kaplan. “We’re looking for great camera people who can edit. This is the real deal.”

If you’re interested drop Kaplan a line at his email here.