Rick Kaplan: “There’s No Superhero Thing Here”

By Chris Ariens 

TVNewser caught up with CBS Evening News EP Rick Kaplan just after it was announced he would be wearing two CBS News hats for the time being as he takes on the interim EP job at The Early Show.

“It’s a challenge and the big thing will be how to divide my time and my hours,” Kaplan says. “I have a marvelous Evening News staff and this is possible because of how superb the Evening News staff is.”

Kaplan doesn’t know how long the arrangement will last. For now, he’s just going to get used to waking up a bit earlier. “I’m looking forward do getting to know The Early Show staff. This is about taking care of the family, the CBS family,” said Kaplan who was brought in last March to EP the Evening News.

“There’s no superhero thing here,” says the 6-foot-7 Kaplan. “Most of my attention will be on The Early Show, getting to know the people.”