Reviews for ABC-Univision Debate Are Rolling In, and We’re Seeing Many Positive Sentiments

By A.J. Katz 

ABC and Univision are co-hosting the third Democratic primary debate, and there have been a number of positive reviews (ie. tweets).



ABC seems to be quite pleased with the back and forth, so much so that it has flown through commercial breaks.


There have been criticisms and negative moments, however.

As ABC was coming out of commercial break at the 10:30 p.m. ET mark, protesters in the back of the auditorium interrupted as Joe Biden was about to answer a question about resilience and personal character. They were removed about 30 seconds later.

Many were surprised that Sen. Elizabeth Warren seemed to have disappeared a bit during the first half of the debate, which seemed odd considering she’s currently in the top three. Morning Joe’s Mika Brzezinski echoed that sentiment:


The discussion around climate change, a major issue among Democratic voters, was limited to just seven minutes.

Where’s the discussion about the military?, wonders progressive veterans group VoteVets.

Katie Couric had some thoughts, including lack of discussion about women’s rights:

Univision anchor Jorge Ramos kicked off the debate by sharing a message in Spanish for the Latino audience. After speaking briefly in Spanish, he said he’d told Latinos: “Despite the fact that we are experiencing difficult times, this is our country, too.”

Univision’s top news personality has received mixed reviews for his performance.

However, others don’t mind him:


Conservative opinion personalities predictably haven’t enjoyed the debate overall: