Reviewing The Pilot Of “It’s Out There”

By Brian 

Eat the Press has a great recap of FNC’s latest pilot, “It’s Out There,” a web-themed show hosted by Michelle Malkin and Kirsten Powers.

Rachel Sklar says it “has the feel of a kids’ news show on Nickelodeon — add an exclamation point and you’re thisclose — with quickie, glib story-bytes, neat-o graphics (with sound effects!), and gimmicky features like the ‘Mystery Blogger.'”

But it has potential, she adds: “As soon as they get comfortable, lose the after-school special line-reciting feel and dig into the issues, it may even be legitimately interesting. But the flipside is that it has to also be useful, and it’s just too quick and surface right now for anything but the most web-un-savvy audience.” More…

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