Reviewing Glenn: “Fantasitc Showman” with “Garrison Keillor-with-a-Bee-in-his-Bonnet Delivery”

By Chris Ariens 

Some reviews are in for Glenn Beck’s comedy road show. And, like his previous tours, if Beck wasn’t in your town… he was probably still in your town – in a movie theater. That’s how reviewers from The New York Times and The Daily Page (Madison, WI) saw him last night, in two of 440 theaters nationwide.

In The Times Mike Hale writes:

The Common Sense show was light on the histrionics and explicit doomsday talk that have attracted viewers to Mr. Beck’s Fox show and drawn condemnation from liberal commentators (though he did slip in a reference to thinking the unthinkable). There were no tears. Perhaps Mr. Beck dialed things back because the show is largely a promotional vehicle for his new book, “Glenn Beck’s Common Sense.”.

And in the, Josh Wimmer writes:

Beck is a fantastic showman, using his whole body and a legion of goofy voices, plus an abundance of natural charisma, to keep an audience engaged. He’s easy to listen to, and comes off as an ordinary, decent, smart guy who’s simply frustrated by the seemingly willful insanity native to politics.

If you missed it, there is an encore next Thursday night in a theater probably near you.