Reuven Frank: “A Founding Father Of The Modern Form Of Broadcast Journalism”

By Brian 

Statement from NBC News:

Reuven Frank was a giant of broadcast journalism, who in many ways was a founding father of the modern form of broadcast journalism. He was the first executive producer of “The Huntley Brinkley Report,” the groundbreaking evening news broadcast that dominated the ratings and became a fixed part of the popular culture. He was also the producer of NBC’s hugely popular political convention and election night coverage led by Chet Huntley and David Brinkley and a team that included, among others, John Chancellor, Frank McGee, Edwin Newman and Sander Vanocur. Reuven twice served as president of NBC News and was held in high esteem throughout the industry for his innovative programming, strong views on the unique qualities of television news and his commitment to serious journalism.”

Statement from Tom Brokaw:

“I had the privilege of starting my journalism career when Reuven was producing ‘The Huntley Brinkley Report,’ which was a model of incisive reporting, astute analysis and engaging story telling in a new medium that required a deft combination of the visual and the narrative form. Those broadcasts became a school for a new generation of journalists coming of age in a new medium and I am forever grateful for what I learned from him. Reuven had an uncanny ability to balance the serious imperatives of journalism with a keen appreciation for the absurd. As a result he was always not just wise, but entertaining. When he later selected me to be the sole anchor of ‘The NBC Nightly News,’ I was personally grateful and professionally proud to have earned his trust.”