Reporter Breaks Down During Coverage of Pope’s Visit to Mexico

By Chris Ariens 

Reporting during Telemundo’s live coverage of the Pope Francis’s visit to Mexico City this morning, reporter Rogelio Mora-Tagle was overcome with emotion talking about a 6-year-old girl who will take part in one of the Pope’s visits later today.

Mora-Tagle was telling the story of a 6-year-old girl named Luz who had been battling cancer. When the Pope visits the Federico G√≥mez children’s hospital later today, Luz will ring a bell announcing that she is cancer free.

“Jose, I apologize,” said Mora-Tagle tearing up, telling the story. “I got a little emotional remembering the encounter with this little girl. I apologize to Telemundo viewers, because it was very touching.”

Anchor Jose Diaz-Balart jumped in: “Rogelio, you have children I have daughters… you don’t need to apologize for being a human being and conveying the reality… and for doing your job.” Mora-Tagle visited with Luz earlier this week, sharing this picture on Instagram: