Report: MSNBC Eyes Alec Baldwin For New Show

By Alex Weprin 

Two and a half years ago, the idea was treated as a joke, but now it looks like it could be happening for real. Actor Alec Baldwin may be eyeing a program on MSNBC.

Mediaite’s Joe Concha says that Baldwin is set to host a primetime show Friday nights at 10 PM, in an hour that occasionally features new episodes of “The Last Word,” but is usually reserved for MSNBC’s long-form documentaries.

“We’re fans of Alec but we don’t have anything to say regarding the unconfirmed reports,” an MSNBCer says in response.

While Concha plays up Baldwin’s liberal politics, a source at an entertainment network tells TVNewser that Baldwin and his team have been out pitching a TV version of his WNYC radio show “Here’s The Thing.” In other words, if the MSNBC show does go forward, don’t be surprised if there are fewer Keith Olbermann-esque commentaries, and more long-form interviews with entertainers and policy-makers.

Baldwin, who played faux NBC executive Jack Donaghy on the sitcom “30 Rock,” was eyed by NBC as a possible late-night host earlier this year. That deal never came to fruition, but the idea certainly seems to appeal to him.