Report: ‘Magic Wall’ Malfunction Frustrates John King?

By Molly Stark Dean 

The love affair between John King and his “magic wall” may be over.

While anchoring his 7pm CNN show a few days before the election, the anchor lost his temper due to “magic wall” malfunctions, according to NY Post‘s Page Six.

Sources told the Post that, on the night of Oct. 29, King exclaimed “I wish I brought a gun to work” while anchoring “John King USA” from CNN’s New York studio days before midterm election coverage.

According to some of the Post’s sources–contradicting other sources– Turner Broadcasting president Phil Kent himself reprimanded the anchor. Why King would be reprimanded by Kent rather than CNN/US chief Ken Jautz or CNN Worldwide chief Jim Walton was never explained. A CNN spokesperson said the meeting never took place.

King introduced the magic wall in 2008 for CNN’s election coverage.

A CNN spokesperson tells TVNewser that “there was no magic wall malfunction.”

“Ms. Palmeri’s latest fantasy is again full of fiction.” John King said in a statement to TVNewser. “There was no wall malfunction. No reprimand from Phil Kent and no warning from Jim Walton. There was one moment while in NY where I voiced frustration after some problems at the top of the show, but in typical fashion it’s completely distorted in the NY Post.”