Remembering “The Forgotten War”

By Brian 

I always thought Afghanistan was “the forgotten war.” But now that label applies to Iraq. CNN’s Arwa Damon penned this piece for on Monday, then followed it up with a package on Tuesday.

On 360, Anderson Cooper tried to put the Middle East conflict in perspective. “Let’s remember the official death toll here, some 390 or more people in Lebanon. And with the figures or fatalities in Israel, the total number is just over 400 people,” he said. “Compare that to what has gone on in Iraq.”

Damon’s report described just another day in Iraq. “The most recent figures issued by the United Nations assistance mission to Iraq are chilling,” she said. “An average of 100 Iraqi civilians are killed every day. Fourteen thousand Iraqis have died so far this year, which is why today was like any day here in Iraq.”