Remembering Russert: Shuster’s Comments

By SteveK 

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As MSNBC continues post-memorial service coverage, anchored by Chris Jansing, she had David Shuster to give his thoughts. His first story related to the days after his February suspension:

I went through my own sort of, a lot of people remember, some challenges back in February and Tim was the first person to call me at home and say, ‘Hey Shuster, how are you doing, are you going to be okay?’ And he was the first also to say, ‘You know what, you and I are going to have a beer some day and we’re going to look back at all this and we’re going to laugh. Believe me, I’ve been there. You’re going to laugh about all this.’ And that was sort of typical Tim. That if you’re going through something tough or challenging or sort of awkward, he was always there to make you see the irony or the humor in it all.

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