Remembering Russert: Luke on Today

By SteveK 

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Tim Russert’s son, Luke Russert, appeared this morning at the top of the Today show and was interviewed for 15 minutes by Matt Lauer. Throughout the interview the pair shared stories and memories about Tim, as well as talked about what the past three days have been like.

Lauer began with, “How you doing?”

“Hanging in there, taking it day by day but the support from everyone in the NBC family and the general public and our close family and friends has been unbelievable,” Russert said. “It makes it a lot easier with the network around us.”

Luke described what his dad saw as his “role” as a journalist. “I honestly believe he saw himself as the questioner for the American people,” said Russert. “At his core I believe he had a higher calling, a responsibility to educate the American public about the candidates who seek the highest office in the land.”

Mixed in with the tributes were some personal stories. “My dad would rather drink beer with my college friends and I in the backyard than go to a state dinner,” he said. “Some kids are nervous when their parents are around their friends. Never once — I welcomed it. My friends loved him just as much as I did.”

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