Remembering Peter: Urbane, Polished, Sophisticated, Complex, Cool

By Brian 

Here are a few of the most insightful writings about Peter Jennings. I’ll be adding to this list as the days progress.

> Charles Kenney, Boston Globe, November 6, 1988: “During an interview, he sits in an easy chair, tie loosened, talking animatedly about his work. Every so often he bounds out of his chair to his desk, where he tries to retrieve one document or another out of the clutter. He speaks in a more relaxed version of the somewhat clipped tone he uses on the air. He laughs often and, occasionally, lets loose a high-pitched giggle that is at odds with his sophisticated appearance.”

> Louise Sweeney, Christian Science Monitor, September 22, 1983: “The deep, resonant voice is familiar, but the fiery tone is not. On the air, Peter Jennings is urbane and polished, delivering even the most horrendous news with the informed composure that was his trademark as a foreign correspondent.”

> Robert Bianco, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, November 4, 1993: “Jennings is a cordial man, but not one you would call overly friendly, jovial or effusive. Our hour-long session in his New York office (small, by power standards) was marked by complete thoughts, complex opinions and long sentences.”

> Allan Fotheringham, Maclean’s, July 21, 1986: “His cool mid-Atlantic accent and his sophisticated wardrobe and his calm delivery make the CBS millionaire and the NBC milk-fed boy appear rather too all-American.”

> Norman Atkins, Toronto Star, April 23, 1989: “Despite his reputation for being Mr. Sophisticate, he buys most of his suits off the rack. His thriftiness is legendary — ABC news chief Roone Arledge still ribs him for purchasing a pair of second-hand shoes, though he makes $1.8 million a year.”