Remembering Peter: Reflections From Radice, Brown, Walters, Koppel, Wald

By Brian 

> Frank Radice, senior VP, The NBC Agency, in an e-mail to TVNewser: “I was a film editor for Peter back in the late 70s when he cohosted the GMA predecessor, AM America. Even back then he called everyone Squire…and he always made you feel special. A Generous and thoughtful man, and the bearer of the standard anchorman, always…That is how I will remember this great leader in our industry. I am stuck here in France, wishing I could get back in time to pay my respects, all the while knowing that Peter would have chosen to be overseas himself. Goodbye old chum.”

> Aaron Brown on CNN: “He taught me how to be an anchorman. He’s the best anchorman there ever was. It was one of the great professional privileges to work for him, and one of the great personal privileges to be a pal from time to time.”

> Barbara Walters via CNN: “We had such wonderful memories, all of us, with Peter. I don’t know anyone who could command an audience with the kind of authority that Peter had.”

> Jeff Greenfield on CNN: “I think the journalistic community is in mourning for two reasons: We’ve lost a colleague and we’ve lost a friend.”

> Ted Koppel via AP: “He was a warm and loving and surprisingly sentimental man.”

> Richard Wald to the LAT: “He was a person with an enormous amount of experience and self-confidence — and a presence. That’s all you can say about him. He had it, he always did.”

> Charlie Gibson on ABC via Digital Spy: “He was a graceful man, he was an elegant man. He was a man of manners. He was also a terrific reporter and a great anchor for ABC News, as we say, our leader. And he is gone.”

> Former ABC producer Justin Friedland on “Peter Jennings wanted to be a reporter. He wanted to tell people stories. He wanted to understand what was going on in the world and how it related to them. And I think that if people remember Peter that way, he’d be happy.”