Remembering Peter: More Memories

By Brian 

> Cary, ABC-TV: “I was the last person to hand Peter a microphone on the day his diagnosis was made public, as he sat down to record what was to be his final on-air appearance.  That day, unfortunately, brought a hint of the struggle that lay ahead, but Peter faced it gamely. It was a pleasure and an honor to work with the man, a true professional.  Thanks, PJ…and rest well.”

> Jeff Gralnick on “He was, quite simply, one of those consummate broadcasters whose ear you could whisper in while he was on the air and have a conversation about the story he was broadcasting; to whom you could give directions the same way; and with whom you could reach broadcaster-producer consensus on where to go and what to do next and all the time the viewer never knew. Steady? He epitomized it as do and did all the great ones.”

> Jennings’ “most important contribution to the broadcast news industry” was his “single-minded determination to keep global news developments in front of American television viewers night-after-night,” Simon Marks says.

> Dan: “Seeing all the tributes have been pretty hard. I realized today that maybe more than anyone else in the business, he was who I wanted to become. It’s also sad that it’s probably not possible to become a Peter today. I hope I’m wrong.”

> Anonymous: “He was more than just a newsman — he was a teacher, a man who brought to the attention of his viewers the plight of the world’s people. He unashamedly expressed his individual views, and trusted — rightly — his own judgment when it came to the perfect focus to bring home, in a very personal way, the things he covered. He was there; he brought his viewers there, too. I cried when I heard of his death; he was more like family and trusted friend than just the guy who brought me the world’s news every day.”

> Anonymous: “Your depth, compassion and always inclusive and fair perspective contributed much to your profession, showing what a real journalist is (and can be)…May you serve as a shining light, an example to those you leave behind. We need that honesty and wisdom in media today, very much.”

> Linda Odum: “For as long as I can remember, I would turn to Peter Jennings for not only my daily news, but also whenever tragedy struck. You knew that the information he was reporting was accurate and supported by facts, not just some wild speculation that was put on the air to grab your attention. He embodied the word “journalist” and everything our profession is supposed to represent.”

> Gary: “I mourn like so many other people, viewers, anchors, journalists that are around the globe. If you really read what he wrote a couple of weeks ago about the London bombings, the last sentence that he gave to us would sum it up best for everyone who is covering it. ‘On behalf of all my colleagues at ABC News who did such a terrific job covering this story, Goodnight.’