Remembering Peter: Koppel’s Reflection

By Brian 

Ted Koppel inserted a few wisecracks into his reflection:

> “Peter was famously, even notoriously, attracted to women. Even so, he only married four of them.”

> He said he and Jennings sometimes admitted their envy for one another. Referring to the bagpipers that commenced the service, Koppel revealed a bit of envy: “Being Jewish, I’m sure bagpipers wouldn’t have played at my memorial.”

> Way back when, “Peter was known as the handsome one. I was known as the smart one. Over the course of the decades, he’s still known as handsome, but also very very smart. I’m still just smart.”

Koppel also had some serious things to say. He preferenced these comments with “I am not gay, not that there’s anything wrong with that:” “From the time I first met Peter 41 years ago, until our final meeting a few weeks ago, I felt a thrill whenever I saw him. Not many people have genuine charisma — the kind of animal magnetism [that makes it hard to notice anyone else in the room]. Peter had that.”