Remembering Peter: “It Seems So Unfair”

By Brian 

<img alt="here.gif" src="/tvnewser/files/original/anchoraugust9.jpg" width=160 class="RIGHT" H=The television news world wasn't surprised by Peter Jennings’ passing on Sunday night, but it was stunned and saddened.

“I’ve had eight friends die from lung cancer. So when he first made that dramatic announcement on ABC that night, my heart stopped. I knew what he was in for,” Tom Brokaw said on Monday night’s Larry King Live. “But, again, I don’t think anybody expected it to go this swiftly. It seems so unfair.”

Dan Rather expressed a similar sentiment. “Peter went so quickly. Just a snap of the fingers between the time he announced that he had lung cancer, and a particularly virulent form of cancer, until he died,” he said…