Remembering Peter: “He Really Thought He Was Going To Beat This”

By Brian 

The tall 16-year-old in the middle of the picture is Peter Jennings, from his high school student days in Ottawa. FishBowlNY found the photo in an old yearbook. Other Peter items:

> Peter’s ex-wife, Kati Marton, told Inside Edition: “He fought like a tiger, the way he fought for every story. I don’t think until the very end he was without hope. He really thought he was going to beat this.” (Via NYDN)

> The Ottawa Citizen: “A day after his 67th birthday, and eight days before he died, Peter Jennings found out he would be awarded the Order of Canada, the nation’s highest honour.”

> Detroit News: “We don’t hold elections for our national news anchors like we do our politicians. We don’t pay to see them the way we do people in the arts. We don’t put them in a hall of fame or name monuments after them…Yet, I can’t think of any other public figures for whom we feel such loyalty.”