Ratings: Headline Prime Reactions

By Brian 

> “This is significant! HLN creates, rehearses, promotes then begins airing 3 new primetime shows in less than 6 months, uses big brother CNN to cross-promote, and within 3 days it’s beating MSNBC in primetime? What is MSNBC to do? How can CNN take the success of its HLN initiative and adapt it to itself? It must stink to work at MSNBC right now.”

> “Just remember what happened to Donahue…He had more than a million viewers his first week.”

> “Let’s see what her numbers are in a month or two, then we will have a real picture of her ratings. I predict she will drop to Dennis Miller-land ratings within 4 to 6 weeks.”

> “Looking at the ratings for Nancy Grace for the 23rd: She got a .3, and Anderson Cooper is also a .3 What do you make of that?”

> “Headline Prime doesn’t exist just to get ratings. It exists to narrow the gap between CNN and FNC and widen the gap between CNN and MSNBC. Remember, CNN pulls in the real revenue, HLN doesn’t. So is Prime pulling away FNC/MSNBC viewers? Is it pushing “real news” viewers over to CNN?” I don’t know — do you?