Rather Signs Off: Morning Papers

By Brian 

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> USA Today: Rather, 73, accepted a 10-minute standing ovation in the studio from dozens of staffers, his wife Jean, daughter Robin and son Danjack. They toasted him with champagne and Rather’s favorite drink: bourbon, no ice.” AP: “CBS News President Andrew Heyward and correspondents Ed Bradley, Vicky Mabrey, Jim Axelrod and Rita Braver offered toasts.”

> Baltimore Sun: “Give Dan Rather this: As strange or eccentric as the “courage” ending might have sounded, Rather went out last night staying true to himself.”

> Washington Post: “Because CBS News cannot walk without tripping over itself, when the evening news staff surrounded Rather and applauded him after he had signed off, rather than keeping the camera on the — hello — newsworthy scene — CBS News cut away to the Wal-Mart billboard that runs at the end of the newscast.”

> NY Daily News: “Rather’s eyes appeared to well up in the final moments, suggesting if he had gone further, he might have broke down.”

> Philadelphia Inquirer: “Rather did not mention Memogate.”