Questions: About Headline News, Court TV, The Today Show, & More

By Brian 

> Via Variety, who were some of the “dozens of news personalities” Headline News screen tested to “find someone with enough TV charisma” for a new hourlong show?

> Along with the new schedule, Court TV is adding newsbreaks called “Headlines” beginning today. An e-mailer says: “I wonder if that relates to the rumors that Time Warner is taking over the network soon?”

> Is this tipster correct?: “Folks at NBC are whispering that Colleen Halpin is outta the Today Show, where she arrived with much fanfare from the now-defunct Jane Pauley show…” Update: 11:51am: “Halpin is out definitely,” another tipster says. “She’s staying on to work at NBC Specials with Brokaw apparently but gone from Today.”

> “Good news at CBS News” is becoming conventional wisdom. Step into NBC’s shoes for a moment: Are you more worried about ABC or CBS? Update: 11:50am: An e-mailer responds: “”CBS News is simply digging itself out of the hole that Dan Rather dug for them. Its evening newscast has ‘grown’ in the ratings only because it is finally beginning to recover from the ratings cliff-dive of Rathergate. CBS News has a long, long, long way to go before it begins to challenge ABC News let alone NBC News.”

> How was week two of Maury & Connie? Did they “team up to get your weekend started out in the wrongest way imaginable?”