Questions: About Guilfoyle, Matthews, Bennett, And GMA’s New Meteorologist

By Brian 

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> Today is Kimberly Guilfoyle‘s last day at Court TV; When will she start hosting The Line Up on FNC?

> Who is in the running for Tony Perkins‘ old job at GMA? He’s been gone for five weeks, and there haven’t been any rumors about his replacement yet… Update: 5pm: “Haven’t they been using Mike Barz? Which is strange because this guy knows nothing more about the weather than the average joe.”

> Why hasn’t Chris Matthews been in the anchor chair during MSNBC’s coverage of the Alito hearings as the network promised?

> It’s been more a one year after CNBC implemented its stock ownership policy. “There hasn’t been word of anyone getting “caught” still owning stocks (non-GE),” an e-mailer says. Doesn’t that seem hard to believe?

> Is Bill Bennett still coming to CNN? Update: 5pm: It’s 100 percent, a tipster says, but the “when” is still unclear…