Questions: About CNBC, AM, Dolans…

By Brian 

> When are The O’Brien’s moving to American Morning’s new set on the floor of the Time Warner newsroom? I hear that Open House will be sharing Paula Zahn’s studio…

> “Slowly the heads have begun to roll at CNBC,” a tipster says. “The Mark Hoffman shakeup has begun even before the arrival of news VP Glen Rochkind. It appears that those reporters with obscure beats that don’t warrant daily hits are being shown the door.” Is it merely a matter of time before David Friend has a new job?… (Update: 2:37pm: No, a spokesperson says; Rochkind will be reporting to Friend, after all…)

> When is Dolans Unscripted going off the air? The duo apparently told their crew that today is their last taping. Will previously taped shows air for the next few weeks?

> Do people really want to read about Katie Couric‘s “low-rise jeans” and “metallic-silver thong?”