Questioning CNN’s Debate

By Chris Ariens 

I’m sensing The NY Observer‘s Steve Kornacki didn’t like CNN’s coverage of the Democratic debate last week.

“Once the gold standard for all-news television, the Cable News Network used the night to make a convincing argument that it should never again be entrusted with a presidential debate.

The network’s journalistic crimes are legion, starting with how the debate—which, at least in theory, is supposed to serve as a public service to voters—was promoted. In full-page ads, CNN cast it as pure sport, a boxing match in which ‘the gloves will come off.’

Similar incompetence was at work in the framing of questions. Time and again, candidates were presented with simplistic hypothetical scenarios and told to pick one side.”

Some critics may not have liked it, but viewers tuned in. The debate was the most-watched of this election cycle.