Q: How Does NBC Plan To Destroy Couric?

By Brian 

Tuesday night on the Daily Show, Jon Stewart asked NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams: “What are you and your colleagues gonna do to destroy” new competitor Katie Couric? “What are you gonna do to break her spirit?”

Via Eat the Press, Williams responded: “I’m not about tearing down… It would be as if one of your acolytes in the fake news business branched out to start his own…” And then he continued: “You know what, we welcome the competition, Jon. We don’t go out to destroy our competitors — we say things like JFK did when he said ‘a rising tide lifts all boats.’ Having Katie in our time slot and my friend Charlie Gibson for that matter — why are you drawing when I’m talking to you? — makes us better, it makes the competition sharper. My son has a longer attention span than you do.”

Only on the Daily Show would Williams interrupt his serious response with “why are you drawing when I’m talking to you?” Here’s the HuffPost post…