“Protestors and Partygoers” For Griff Jenkins

By SteveK 

Last week he found himself in the middle of an angry mob of protestors with some choice words for Fox News.

This week, he was back at it. The New York Observer’s Felix Gillette followed Jenkins for a day of work, where he interviewed everyone from angry anarchists to Cigar-puffing partygoers.

An example of the day? “Eventually, Mr. Jenkins extricated himself from the crowd and managed to conduct an interview with a guy wearing a jumbo Dick Cheney head made of paper mache,” writes Gillette.

The article also traces Jenkins life as producer on War Stories in 2001, to freelance cameraman in Iraq and finally to his on/off-air role with FNC.

And after a week in Denver, we relate to this creative security characterization from Jenkins. “Sometimes reporting on a convention is like that scene in Spinal Tap where the band can’t find the stage,” he said.

• TVNewser will have a video interview with Jenkins tomorrow.