President Obama, President-Elect Trump Meet at the White House for 91 Minutes

By A.J. Katz Comment

President Obama and his successor President-elect Trump met for more than an hour and a half this morning in the Oval Office. Prior to this morning, the two men had never met in person.

Whether intentional or not, the president-elect started the process by once again breaking tradition. When he arrived at the White House, he entered along the South Lawn driveway – for which no press coverage was allowed. He also left his own traveling press pool back in New York. The media was not amused.

It’s also being reported that there will not be a photo op with the sitting president and the president-elect, something that typically takes place not long after the election has been decided.


The 2016 NBA Champion Cleveland Cavaliers arrived at the White House to celebrate their title with President Obama. Star LeBron James and teammate J.R. Smith appeared a pro-Hillary Clinton rally in Cleveland just days earlier. It looks like they are the first two players to enter the White House. This should be interesting…

There was a traditional “camera spray” following the meeting. Members of the press came into the Oval Office where Obama and Trump each gave short remarks. Those remarks were rushed back where a tape playback aired on the cable news networks and during broadcast network special reports. After the remarks, Obama gave Trump some advice

Though if anyone knows how to handle the media, Trump does: