President Obama, Donald Trump Hold Dueling Birth Certificate Press Conferences

By Alex Weprin 

This morning, after the news that the White House had released President Obama’s long-form birth certificate, real estate tycoon, reality star and supposed Republican Presidential contender Donald Trump held a press conference in New Hampshire, where he took credit for the release.

“I am very proud of myself,” Trump told reporters.

The presser was cut short, however, when President Obama himself took the podium at the White House around 9:45 AM to address the issue hands on. In addition to the cablers, the big three broadcast networks all took the statement as well.

President Obama began joking about the fact that while the networks were carrying this statement, there were many more substantive ones they passed on”

“Let me comment first of all on the fact that I can’t get the networks to break in on all kinds of other discussions. I was just back there listening to Chuck [Todd]. He said, ‘it is amazing he is not going to be talking about national security’. I would not have the networks break in if I was talking about that, Chuck, and you know it.”