President Obama Bookends CBS’s Super Bowl Coverage

By Chris Ariens 

For his last Super Bowl as president, Barack Obama was a part of CBS’s pre-game and post-game programming. It started late this afternoon with his live interview with Gayle King, and ended with a surprise bit in the open of tonight’s Late Show, playing catch with Stephen Colbert.

Adweek’s Jason Lynch caught up with Colbert at an event in New Jersey last night. Colbert said he went to Washington, DC on Friday to shoot the segment after taping two Late Show episodes on Thursday–the first time he’s taped two programs in one day.

The bit involved Colbert, in his live monologue, throwing a football to the president, then appearing at his side at the White House.

While Colbert started at 10:54 p.m. ET on most CBS stations, one soon-to-be-former CBS affiliate is delaying the Late Show.