Prepping for the No-Catchy-Name Primary

By SteveK 

The voters in Indiana and North Carolina get their say today in the Democratic primary, and if this season’s primary trend continues, not much will be decided. But maybe it will! Here are how the networks will cover tonight’s primaries, which kick off earlier tonight. TVNewser will be live blogging as well, beginning at 6pmET (and using new technology!)…

• ABC: Jake Tapper reports from Indiana and Kate Snow and David Wright follow the Clinton and Obama campaigns respectively. George Stephanopoulos contributes to World News with Charles Gibson, which will be updated across the time zones. Terry Moran anchors Nightline.

• Bloomberg: Howard Dean appears today at 1:30pmET, and “Business and the Ballot” coverage of the primaries airs from 8-10pmET.

• CBS: Katie Couric anchors the CBS Evening News, with live updates for West Coast stations. Bob Schieffer and Jeff Greenfield offer analysis while Dean Reynolds and Jim Axelrod follow the Obama and Clinton campaigns.

• CNN: Special programming begins at 7pmET, anchored by Wolf Blitzer, Campbell Brown, Anderson Cooper and Lou Dobbs. John King is back at the wall. Larry King Live airs at MidnightET.

• FNC: Brit Hume anchors coverage beginning at 7pmET, with Karl Rove and Chris Wallace contributing. Bill Hemmer is at the “Bill-board.” One change for the network, as Shepard Smith moderates The Strategy Room tonight.

• HDNet: “Dan Rather Reports on Politics: The North Carolina and Indiana Primaries,” begins at 7pmET. The show takes place in front of a live audience at the Newseum.

• NBC/MSNBC: NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams, with Tim Russert as well, will update its broadcast throughout the night. Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews anchor on MSNBC, from 6-MidnightET. Tom Brokaw joins for analysis. David Gregory leads the Race-like panel.