Pre-Summit Twitter Chatter From Panelists

By SteveK 

Tammy Haddad, who’s moderating a panel tomorrow at the TVNewser Summit about the “new tools of the trade,” started a Twitter conversation about the topic today. “I wonder if the BBC is nervous that Sky News hired a Twitter correspondent?” tweeted @HaddadMedia, before soliciting questions for the panel. “Do u think rome hartman & bbcers can take us on when it comes to Twitter?” asked Rick Klein (@TheNote), referring to fellow panelist Rome Hartman of BBC, who is bearish on the new service.

Also on the panel are Rachel Sterne (@RachelSterne), Michael Meyers (@MichaelEMeyers) and Jim Long (@NewMediaJim).

So with all this Twitter chatter and no way for Hartman to defend himself (since…he’s not on Twitter), we emailed him. “Don’t these people have any WORK to do? Do they spend ALL day in the birdcage?” he responded.

Also, get your Twitter questions in to us (@TVNewser) for our second panel with FBN’s Alexis Glick. A lengthy Q&A, which you can participate in by submitting questions, will take place following her keynote.